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{Visiting Svalbard friend Soga in Sapporo, Hokkaido}

Proud Soga + his town

Japanese Tea + Traditional Kimono

Joining the local bike race + Team No(r)t Pole

Exquisite seafood + in Japanese style restaurant

Road trip and tiny cabins + You can find many things along the shore!

Park Golf - Japanese new black + making cloth

traditional hotel + traditional sunrise

Happy travellers - tired hosts

Soon we will see the end of our trip!

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May 2011 - Seattle

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Sommer 2009

Tur 2009:
Moskau - Sapporo

Fünf Weserratten und ein tollkühnes Floß

Hardangervidda - 4 Jahreszeiten im August

BULA 2008
Der Freiheit so nah

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