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{Southern China in the rain season}

Rice fields + wet bikers

Flooded houses along the river + rushig home in the rain

After rain comes mudd (part 2) + when the sun is out...

...everybody likes to chill out in the water + -

Chinese village + breakfast with the officials who extended our visa

Making dinner at the balkony + packing corn from the fields

Chinese vehicles

cooking in the hotel + What a scenery!

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May 2011 - Seattle

Tromsø høst 2009

Sommer 2009

Tur 2009:
Moskau - Sapporo

Fünf Weserratten und ein tollkühnes Floß

Hardangervidda - 4 Jahreszeiten im August

BULA 2008
Der Freiheit so nah

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