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{Beijing + Xi'an per Pedal}

Loveletters on bamboo + Our host family in Beijing

Tourist in the Forbidden City + trying the local cuisine

CAUTION OVERSIZE + tourists at the Great Wall

Two weeks of biking in the Shaanxi province

Bargaining for bikes and preparations in Xi'an + Wheat on the street, the traffic separates the grains from the straw

China's outgoing way to exhibit the flourishing industry + After rain comes mud, two hours for half a kilometer

local youth is hunting dinner + maybe this picture was taken at another river

escaping from the crowds to the majestic countryside + and suddenly they were behind us, to take a picture with the strangers

at other places, food may be different + or food may be the same

breakfast at home in the tent + snapshot along the way

"The Leader" of foreign affairs and tourism gave us a ride on his boat, because we were the first foreign tourists he met + we gave him a private concert in his dripstone cave

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May 2011 - Seattle

Tromsø høst 2009

Sommer 2009

Tur 2009:
Moskau - Sapporo

Fünf Weserratten und ein tollkühnes Floß

Hardangervidda - 4 Jahreszeiten im August

BULA 2008
Der Freiheit so nah

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